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installations/ devices

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Media Installation (2015 - 2018) by G. Themistokleous


Project team

Software/ Hardware Engineer: Savvas Socratous

Photography and video process/ documentation: George Athanasiou, George Themistokleous

Electrical Engineer Consultant: Andreas Laoutas

Actor in Video: Christophoros Liverdos


Dimensions variable


Mixed media - composite structure includes glass mirrors, acrylic mirrors,, timber, vinyl, osb, cotton fabric, metal, aluminium,

acrylic components, DSLR cameras, stereoscopic lenses, PIR motion sensors, LCD screens, stepper motors, Arduino

micro-controller, Raspberry Pi, digital LED lights, and software applications - gphoto, opencv library



List of Images (Rows from top to bottom)

All project credits belong to the author



Split View

Photograph partly through mirror corridor. Author (2017)



Peephole opening

Photograph through acrylic cavity screen. Author (2016)



Stereoscopic lenses and face profile sections

Digital drawings of stereoscopic caps and face profiles for lasercuttigg (2016)



Prototype Model of Diplorasis 

Photograph of test model, stereoscope with rotating drum. Author (2015)



Prototype drawings of Diplorasis

Digital drawings - plan, elevation and exploded axonometric drawings

of inttial prototype. Author (2016)



Prototype model of Diplorasis

Physical optical device with dc motors and plastic custom made mask. Author (2015)



Felt cuts

Digital drawing for blacking out units. Author (2017)



Model drum rotations of Diplorasis Prototype model

Top Left - hand drawing study of normal and degenerate eye visual reception, bottom -

digital drawing laser cut components.

Photographs (right, centre) of prototype steel drum model. Author (2015)



Drawing of Diplorasis prototype

Digital drawing - plan view of diplorasis prototype (2015)




diplorasis201509 Themistokleous_3 VERSION2 Themistokleous_4 Themistokleous_1 1-5 plan fabric-cut2 diplorasis7 sensor frame caps -2 faces cut copy prototype process copy