GT SI iso3 space2 stereoscope drawing-01 Themistokleous2 GT SI peeping through glass wall

installations/ devices

exploded axonometric-01small Extra_perspectival view from above GT-Digitized stereoscope isometric view
plan-1 stereoscopic machine copy stereoscopic machine closeup view of dslr inside black box view of reverse side of corridor view from behind transluscent screen side timber corridor for hidden cameras view through st installation black out frames behind corridor Hidden stereoscopic camera hidden screen view corridor view view behind two-way mirror cavity for head-1 mirrored corridor entrance peeping-through screen
digitized face 2 digitized face 3


Media Installation (2015 - 2020) by G. Themistokleous


Project team

Software/ Hardware Engineer: Savvas Socratous

Photography and video process/ documentation: George Athanasiou, George Themistokleous

Electrical Engineer Consultant: Andreas Laoutas

Actor in Video: Christophoros Liverdos


Dimensions variable


Mixed media - composite structure includes glass mirrors, acrylic mirrors,, timber, vinyl, osb, cotton fabric, metal, aluminium,

acrylic components, DSLR cameras, stereoscopic lenses, PIR motion sensors, LCD screens, stepper motors, Arduino

micro-controller, Raspberry Pi, digital LED lights, and software applications - gphoto, opencv library



List of Images (Rows from top to bottom)

All project credits belong to the author



Viewing mechanism - digital stereoscopic visions

Digital drawing of installation component. Author (2018)



Drawing study of Wheatstone stereoscope

Digital drawing - plan, perspective. Author (2017)



Images of corridor, screen cavity and black mirror view

Photographs of installation. G. Athanasiou (2018)



View of digital stereoscopic mechanism

Photograph of installation. G. Athanasiou (2018)



Drawings of Installation

Left to right: Digital Drawings including -exploded axonometric,

perspective from above, axonometric. Author (2018)



Peeping through the screen

Left photograph. G. Athanasiou (2018), middle and right photographs. Author (2017)



View from above

Perspectival view of installation in context. Author (2018)



Views of digital stereoscopic mechanism with screens

Left and middle photograph. G. Athanasiou (2018)

right photograph. Author (2017)



Views of bespoke blacked-out timber sub-frame

Photographs 1, 2, 4 of installation. G. Athanasiou (2018)

Photograph 3rd from left. Author (2018)



View of blacked-out timber sub-frame

Photograph of installation. G. Athanasiou (2018)



Drawings of Installation

Digital drawings. left - perspective from back side

right - long elevation reverse side of corridor. Author (2018)



Drawings of Screen Cavity

Digital drawings of head cavity. Author (2018)






Featured in:



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