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an-amnesia of an oneiric city

watercolor, graphite on drawing paper, digital drawing, animation frames (2008, 2016)

In The Lost Diagrams of Walter Benjamin, edited by Sharon Kivland and Helen Clarke, MA Biblioteheque, 2017 and

S|A Archtects Blog



Spaces between drawings

graphite on paper and paper model (2004, 2014)

In The Architectural Review Folio (Sep. 2014) and

Inflection Transmit Inward | Outward Exhibition (Oct. 2015) at the Dulux Gallery, Melbourne School of Design, Melbourne



Visions of a Staircase

graphite on strathmore paper  (2003, 2013)

In Drawing Architecture (Jan. 2013)



filmscapes: Automatons Invade Marina

Digital drawings, mixed media models (2010)



skin habitations

Digital drawing (2008)



mapping smog

Photograph of model -pins and insulation tape- (2007)


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